Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bears Are In

On Thursday September 29th, many months of hard work by students, and community members is coming to fruition. The BEARS are installed and are on display. They represent the time and connection that was made between students of Bell Park and many community members.

The BEARS project was featured on CBC radio on Friday morning. Community contact Dwanye Provo spent 10 minutes chronicling the project from the beginning to the recent installation.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bears Are Going In!

The BEARS were sprayed and put away for the summer. They have risen from their slumber and are ready to be installed! 110 ft of rebar has been inserted into the bears. There are 4 concrete pads ready, and 2 30 ft beds waiting for the bears and stumps.

The BEARS will be installed by the end of the week!

Come check them out!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bears Are Sprayed

Don't worry this isn't a bad thing. 5 dads from Bell Park packed up all 16 bears and their stumps into 2 trucks, a trailer, and my wagon. They were carefully trucked over 5 km to a secret location. At this special location, a spray was used to keep them safe when they are put outside. They dried overnight and then we moved them back to Bell Park. This time they were packed in special cardboard sleeves to keep them safe. They were moved back 5 km Sunday afternoon to Bell Park. They are safe and sound back at the school.
Thanks to Lee, Dave, Gordan, Martin, and Eric. This was a big deal.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Was Great!

Our last Saturday of the project was an amazing mix of pancakes, people, and paint. With over 50 people attending we had students from the project, siblings, friends from other schools, parents, and one of our special volunteers from GCJH- it was a fantastic mix. EVERYONE painted: little hands, big hands, young hands, older hands- everyone had a hand in making the bears look so good. The base or background colours were applied this weekend. We'll be working on the details this Friday.
Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.