Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Bears Are Cleaned Up and Redy To Go!

Our bears have been sitting just inside the main doors of the school since they were delivered.  The Bears are chainsaw art which means they were carved with a chainsaw.  It should come as no surprise that they have some, and by some I mean a lot, of sawdust on them.

The Grade 6 students  from 6 FM took on the task of cleaning them up and getting them ready for display.  Armed with rags, brushes, and strong arms they took on the challenge of cleaning up the bears.  Did I mention that we also braved sub-zero temperatures as we scrubbed, swept, and wiped the bears cleaned?

There were only smiles and excitement as the students knew they were getting closer to making their own bears.  Many of the students were also interested in the various shapes, and themes the bears have.  The kneeling bear with wings drew a lot of attention.  The running bear also was a student favorite.
 Make sure you stop in the main lobby to check out the bears.

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