Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning FeedBack

Tell Us About Painting On A Saturday

- This is feedback from students and community members who participated with our BEAR project's Saturday Workshop.-

The best part of the day was watching the bears transform into masterpieces. All of the children with different ideas coming together as one.

The best part was seeing everybody have fun painting the bears and it's really fun and I really liked eating the pancakes because I was hungry and I like painting a lot.

It was nice to see everyone working together as a team and having a fun time .The kids have great talent in their ideas for the bears they are looking great .Can't wait to see them all around.

I'm having fun! It is looking really good. There's lots of flames on the back and kinda looks like a fireman on the front.

I'm having fun! I really love the panting and its nice to see people working together.

I'm having lots of fun painting with all my friends.

It's nice to see everybody having fun!

I was trying to put white on white: it didn't work .

My bear was a beach bear it was relly fun painting the bear at the end it looked relly cooooooooooooooooooooooool.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


It was very fun doing the bear project J J J J J J J JJ

Love the bear project is sooo fun

Fun time painting with the kids.

I don't get to do a lot with the kids, it was fun.....A great time...Oliver's Dad.

It was great watching all of the kids being creative and working together so happily! It was also amazing watching the bears transform into beautifully painted creations!

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