Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing Friday: Designs Are Set!

This was a fantastic Friday. We had parents, grandparents, younger siblings, as well as students from Auburn High School, and Graham Creighton Jr. High join us. It was a high energy day with the design ideas being set. They included: Alien/Secret Agent bear, Spiderman/Space bear, Butterfly bear, and Bugs bear.

There was tons of energy as everyone worked together. It was great to see the adults, teens, and children on the floor trying to draw their designs on the mock bears. There was sharing. There was caring. There was laughing. And oh the noise….the Grade 1’s were a barrel of energy as they worked on their ideas in the gym.

One of the guys from Auburn connected really well with some of the Grade 1 and 2 boys. They hung off him like he was a superhero. It was great to see.

Thanks everyone who came out today.

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  1. What an excellent project and it really looks like all are having a great time -- the blog is great --Thanks